Meeting Facilitation

Yes, online meetings can be good too! Get the most of our your next meeting, planning session or retreat. With 20 years of facilitation experience, Drawing Change will facilitate your meeting, provide Zoom tech hosting, or collaborate with your facilitator, to help groups build trust, participation, and innovation. We combine visual practice with the principles of participatory decision making and cultural safety to create collaborative environments that increase accountability for ongoing results.

See how we helped Oxfam Canada share big ideas

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Virtual Graphic Recording

Help your group or team make meaning while we graphically record the results. Drawing Change’s team of graphic recorders listen closely, synthesize and draw your dialogue in real-time – and yes, we’re 100% online for your meetings too. Graphic recording helps participants see patterns, immerse themselves in ideas, and integrate the collective wisdom of a group.

Our team of graphic recorders  team can work internationally, specialize in working with Indigenous communities, and can provide bilingual French/English graphic recording.

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Online Graphic Facilitation

Build something new and create connections between people through graphic facilitation – even if we’re all working remotely. Our facilitation sessions start by asking questions. Then, we use structured tools to discover the core messages. Finally, we build, draw, and change it – collaboratively. Our expertise lies in helping you visualize big, impactful systems change.

See how we helped BC’s doctors enhance surgical recovery

Strategic Illustrations

For 10 years, we’ve collaborated with partners over the internet to move complex information out of journals, reports and dense documents and into the hands of people who’ll put it to use. Drawing Change can help you tell your story with data and images and make information accessible – and useful. Our illustrators can help you visualize everything from strategic plans to curriculums. We also work with researchers, policy writers, academics and innovators to translate complex documents and reports into custom images or infographics.

See the YMCA of Greater Vancouver’s visual strategic plan

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I have worked with Sam Bradd for several years now in a professional capacity and the images he has created are unique and reflect a high level of critical analysis. Sam is able to take complex, even controversial topics and create detailed and meaningful graphic recordings. Recently Sam also worked with me to create images to present my doctoral comprehensive oral examinations and they were superb!

Cheryl Ward, Ph.D.
Provincial Director, Indigenous Cultural Safety and Strategy
Indigenous Health
Provincial Health Services Authority