Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording is problem solving and making connections.

We listen closely, synthesize, and draw in real-time. Ideas emerge in front of you. Graphic recording helps people remember and care about the ideas. It supports interaction, reflection, and seeing the next steps.

Drawing Change has worked with researchers in nine countries, and with from non-profits to CEOs. Team members can work in the US/Canada, and bilingually in English and French.

It’s not just about the pictures – it’s what you do with them. You keep digital images and original posters. Complex information is easy to understand. The images are usually 4 by 8 feet for impact.

  • Strategic planning, workshops, public engagement
  • Conferences and group work
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Print, post, and share online

Make your event unforgettable. 

WLGH graphic recording at LSHTM

Visual Facilitation

visual facilitation

With 20 years of facilitation experience, Sam collaborates closely with your team on agenda design to help you do your best thinking. Visual facilitation keeps engagement high and participants focused.

Visual facilitation examples:

  • Strategic planning
  • Interactive group work with custom templates 
  • Drawing collaboratively: journey map, team vision, appreciation wall, organizational timeline
  • Photo-based tools
  • Pre-drawn visuals to greet participants before the meeting starts

We can facilitate your session or partner with your facilitation team. If your meeting matters, and need visual expertise to make it memorable, get in touch.


Telling your story with data and images. Making dense information beautiful.

Our team creates illustrates and does graphic design for global clients. You can send documents or text, and we create memorable vector-based or hand-drawn visuals. 

We specialize in complex, abstract ideas, including:

  • Visual strategic plans
  • Curriculum
  • Journey/services maps
  • Illustrations 
  • Diagrams

Recent illustrations include an upstream wellness model, internal human resources diagrams, anti-racism curriculum, an aquaponic prototype, and a low-carbon neighbourhood.


Knowledge Translation

Complex information becomes accessible.

Knowledge translation is about making connections. We connect with researchers, policy writers, academics and innovators so ideas can spread. 

We specialize in reading documents and translating them into custom images. Our key approach is collaboration.

Examples include award-winning academic poster presentations, fully illustrated reports, curriculum, and more. Graphic designer Snow Dowd is available to create beautiful report layouts as well. 


cover page of the illustrated Mental Health Commission of Canada national mental health strategy
A youth-friendly, illustrated version of a new report by Mental Health Commission of Canada


VIsual Facilitation workshops 

In-house training, and public signature one and two-day courses. Designed for educators, managers, and innovators, this training will teach you how to bring visual superpowers to your work.

BC Housing workshop image setup