hands sketch-noting Oxfam Nepal

Facilitating with Oxfam Canada in Nepal

Creating Spaces to End Violence Against Women and Girls

Oxfam’s Creating Spaces is here to end violence against women and girls by creating spaces for support, spaces for justice, and spaces for change in South and East Asia. As part of this multi-year project, Oxfam hosts mid-term Learning Events so activists and partners in six countries can share what works, discuss feminist research, and amplify results. With so much information – and so much at stake – any other organization could have settled for reading PowerPoints to each other for five days, but not Oxfam!

A 5-day participatory facilitation agenda.

Oxfam needed a strategy for a week-long meeting where we’d hear from every voice in the room. Together, Drawing Change designed a facilitation plan for 5 days that featured simple shifts for more participation, and created a meaningful event. The agenda included new presentation formats, graphic recording to summarize key learnings, and art-based group work to share wisdom. We also prioritized relationship building – including attending a 7am International Women’s Day march. These new meeting formats brought everyone up to speed on the research and results quickly, re-strengthened connections in the team, and left everyone energized for the crucial work ahead.

Meetings to change the world.

Meetings should leave us better than when we started. When you need to hear from every voice and not just the loudest voice, Drawing Change can help build an even better agenda with you. With 20 years’ facilitation experience, and strengths-based tools, we can increase participation and share leadership.

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