Visuals for a Better World.

Want to use visuals to create connection, have better meetings, shift complex problems ... online or face to face? We can help.

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Hello! We’re Drawing Change.

You’re passionate about making the world a better place. Let’s amplify your work and make it visual! When you need to engage people, and share compelling information, our network of graphic recorders, graphic facilitators, and illustrators will:

  • listen and draw in real-time during your meeting (in person or online)
  • transform complex reports into clear, easy to understand illustrations
  • facilitate meetings with creativity, and more participation
  • bring an intersectional analysis, deep experience, and joy!

Who is Drawing Change? Sam Bradd (MEd, he/him) is the principal consultant of the Drawing Change network, and brings together organizational change facilitation and visuals – for 25 years. He’s an author, has trained hundreds of graphic recorders, works globally and specializes in health, leadership, policy, and systems change. Drawing Change likes to give back, including as a Living Wage Employer and with our Foundation.