Graphic recording Tech Leadership with Communitech and Susan Cain

Portrait of Susan Cain with her book Quiet by sam bradd
Susan Cain portrait

Communitech’s signature event is the Tech Leadership Conference, and it delivered on its promise to be inspirational and thought-provoking. Communitech invited me to showcase graphic recording at TLCWR for the first time –  because “the old ways of doing things aren’t getting any younger”.  Graphic recording literally shows you a new way of thinking visually.

Susan Cain graphic recording by Sam Bradd at TLCWR
Highlight of my day was meeting Susan Cain. Introverts unite!

I was especially excited to graphic record the first keynote speaker Susan Cain, famous for her TED talk on introverts that’s been viewed over 10 million times: she’s starting a Quiet Revolution.One third of people are introverts, so a one-size-fits all approach to leadership, education, and even parenting needs to shift – so everyone succeeds. And finally, my personality quirks make more sense now. (Just because I don’t like your loud party but doesn’t mean I hate fun!)

Another personal highlight was that Communitech invited me to put together a team of graphic recorders for the Waterloo, Ontario event. Since I’m in Vancouver BC, and we needed 4 graphic recorders to make it happen, I immediately knew who to invite: Liisa Sorsa and her team at ThinkLink Graphics. In the graphic recording field, it’s always a treat to work as a team.

Below are the graphic recordings, created by Liisa Sorsa, Disa Kauk, Erica Bota and myself.

We were interviewed after the session, too. 

Thanks to all of the speakers and Communitech for a fantastic event.

Graphic recording of Susan Cain's keynote on leadership and introverts at Communitech's TLCWR conference 2015

David-Schonthal graphic recording about design thinking
David Schonthal – graphic recording about design thinking
Michael-Caralis graphic recording
graphic recording by Liisa Sorsa

graphic recording, communitech, alexandra deschamps keynote about internet of things

Graphic recording about Intrapreneurship by Ari Horie
graphic recording of Eddie Obeng’s talk by Disa Kauk
Giff-Constable's presentation graphic recording by Disa Kauk
Graphic recording about disruptive innovation by Disa Kauk


graphic recording at tech leadership event - display on easels
These were displayed in a hallway gallery, then moved here to the reception. Thanks ThinkLink!




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  1. I am a mediator, so this visuals are just amazing to use something like this in my work

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