Winnipeg Public Library Infographic

I drew the first draft of this infographic for the Winnipeg Public Library’s strategic plan with stacks of books across the top. Books are iconic, but libraries are much more than books: they’re a place for information and connection. From english-language classes, parent-child drop-ins, questions for Dr. Google and outreach, libraries need to be a little bit of everything.

So you can see in this final infographic how WPL’s modern library system is about the place and people – as well about the resources inside.

Winnipeg Library infographic strategic plan priorities 2015-2020 visual

Winnipeg Public Library did a meaningful public engagement with The Public Good, asking Winnipeggers about their vision for the library. Then, I was invited to take the strategic goals and turn it into a visual infographic. It needed to illustrate in a simple, yet engaging way, the goals and priorities of the Library for staff, public, and key stakeholders. I used the arc from the City of Winnipeg’s logo as inspiration, and we used a limited palette to help us be clear and bold.

Now there’s one picture to tell the story of where the library is going.

Speaking of engagement, visuals can help communicate ideas during public consultations, too. Last year, the Public Good and I asked people in malls, community centres, and libraries about their vision for Calgary’s Public Library. We captured ideas using graphic recording. The most important part of any engagement: go to the community. Go to where the people are. Just like a library, information can exist online and do amazing stuff – but information isn’t just online. It’s also with people. We’ll always need places where people can help us (thank you, librarians), and places to come together.


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