Interview: Drawing Clarity at Tech Leadership Conference

Communitech’s signature event is the Tech Leadership Conference, and it delivered on its promise to be inspirational and thought-provoking. Afterwards, Communitech interviewed fellow graphic recorder Liisa Sorsa and I about our backgrounds and how we use visuals to help companies succeed:

“The two have a passion for art and for human relations. Their careers sprung from the realization that graphic recording is as much about understanding people as it is about sketching.”

eamwork! Liisa Sorsa, Erica Bota, Disa Kauk and I created these during the TLC. We made a gallery in a large hallway, then displayed the graphics in the reception area (here)
Teamwork! Graphic recording tech leadership with Liisa Sorsa, Disa Kauk and Erica Bota. These were displayed in a gallery/ hallway during the event, then moved to the reception (here).

I took away that inspiration and leadership can come from anywhere: a quiet walk, prototyping something messy, and it definitely can can follow an unusual path.

My path into graphic recording certainly wasn’t a straight line, and you can read the interview here:

Thanks Communitech for a fantastic event.

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