Sharing: football animation for the BCTF (Superbowl)

Catch the Superbowl halftime show in BC? This BCTF commercial had a big audience, big message. Let’s give BC’s schools the support our kids deserve. 

The announcer says, “Education’s like sports – you get out what you put in.” This school football team has lots of heart, but only 2 pairs of cleats. Now what?

Catch the replay here:

And my big news: it’s the first time my drawings have ever been animated!  Whoop!

I drew the characters, motion graphics artist Torrance Hurd transformed them into an animation, and we worked under the creative direction of Robb Gibbs at NOW Communications.


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2 comments on “Sharing: football animation for the BCTF (Superbowl)

  1. Very good job and nice use of the team metaphor when referring to education.
    Congrats on your first drawings being animated.

    1. Thanks Colin! I thought NOW Communications’ creative direction on the “sharing” metaphor was great too. Because I don’t have a background in animation, I really had no idea what the possible animation techniques were – so it was really fun to see it happen.

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