New Illustration to Support Child Health

Here’s a new illustration map to support child health for in BC. One of the nice parts about this feel-good project was that the take-home message of 5-2-1-0 really stuck with me, too. It’s simple and elegant: 5 fruits and veg, 2 hours of screen time (well, it’s something to aspire to in my computer-heavy life!), 1 hr of exercise and 0 sugary bradd, artist, vancouver, image, what is graphic recording, what is graphic facilitation, illustration, SCOPE BC, Live 5210, childhood health, kids health resources, community resources, map, community wellness, community building, what is collaboration, union, illustrator, best practice, vector, best practice, visualization, visual learners, infographic, graphic design, information design, non profit, health, knowledge translation, education, sustainability,

The site has a wealth of resources. There’s guidelines for families and tools for engaging decision makers in all sectors. It’s knowledge translation at its best, with a fun and easy to navigate map.

As always, it’s a collaborative effort. Research is led by the team at Children and Family Research Institute, and the Straydog Branding team put it all together into the interactive tool. Find the map here:

Posting this reminds me there’s carrots in the fridge….

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