Interview: Health Empowerment from Knowledge Transfer

Graphic recording helped with knowledge transfer at a recent women’s heart health event with the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute.

The VCHRI interviewed the presenters and me and wrote up a great blog post. Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed and feature graphic recording as a knowledge transfer tool in health care.

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live graphic recording at Your Heart, Your Health women’s health event

Graphic recording in health care connects researchers and dense academic information with patients and communities. The visuals help patients engage with the information – and supports patients in making better health decisions.

Here’s a selection from the article:

“Your Heart Your Health graphic facilitator Sam Bradd had a similar responsibility. Despite the significance of the research itself, and the impact of personal stories, the challenge remained around how to keep the information and conversation alive after the event was over. Bradd met the challenge by creating a high-level visual summary of the event with built-in citations. Essentially, he put the talk into pictures. […]


“No one likes to be talked ‘at’ about their health,” says Bradd. “As a patient, I want information about my health care so I can make the best decisions. Knowledge translation is a tool for ensuring patient voices inform researchers, and that good research gets into the hands of people that need it. Any publicly funded research should be accessible to the public, and KT tools – like graphic recording – help with dissemination.”

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