What are your Team Superpowers? Free Superhero graphic recording for you to use

Need a visual way to find your team’s superpowers? Use this free graphic facilitation poster to engage your group in a fun, and meaningful activity.

Leadership and Team Superpowers

At the core, it’s two key questions:

  • what’s your Superpower?
  • what’s your Kryptonite? (aka, what stops your superpower?)What are your super powers? what is your kryptonite? graphic facilitation template - by drawing change

Graphic Facilitation poster – a free download

If you love visuals in your meetings, but can’t have a graphic recorder join you every time – this poster can facilitate that conversation with you:

You can facilitate these questions in an number of ways, including asking people to reflect individually, then share out loud, or include some paired work too.

Sam, are you suddenly into superheroes?

Well I wasn’t before but I am now! I was the graphic facilitator at a recent meeting led by the stellar Kia Davis of Artemis Connection who posed the Superheroes/Kryptonite questions, and the team needed me to draw their superhero qualities. And truthfully, superheroes are not my strong suit so with the help of Google I made up a quick poster beforehand on a flip chart, so I could focus on their conversation. It changed my whole perspective when I saw many serendipitous moments that brought joy into the room — like when the person whose gift was “seeing the web of systems” was matched up as Spiderman.

Afterwards, I revised the poster into a digital version, so it could be used by anyone – like you –  in meetings. In this design, “kryptonite” is a box on the side of the poster instead of next to someone’s name. This way the written artefact doesn’t single out anyone – and it still works as a visual reminder of real team dynamics. And I have a feeling that some of the superheroes on the poster live in different universes, but let’s have expansive imaginations about that.

The Superhero facilitation questions reminds me of one of my favourite facilitation tools, called “Hooks and Gifts”. With Hooks and Gifts, we ask people for their gift/superpower and how they like to be engaged.  But there’s a nice difference with the Superheroes: it’s an opportunity to voice in a fun and honest way what sucks your joy, makes you irritated, and stops your superpowers. Tip: the superhero/kryptonite are often pairs – a good pattern to spot!