Graphic Recording of Indigenous Youth Wellness

Indigenous youth wellness illustrations

Tools to support the health of Indigenous youth

Live Graphic recording

This image was created live, during a 90 minute webinar about Indigenous youth wellness.


Two programs with the Provincial Health Services Authority’s (BC): Cuystwi Program – an Indigenous youth wellness tool, and the San’yas program about cultural safety


Various projects that support health and wellness:

  • Curriculum illustrations about Indigenous anti-racism, for the award-winning program about cultural safety
  • Cuystwi: Illustrations for the upstream Indigenous youth wellness tool
  • Learning Circles: Live graphic recording for Cuystwi Learning Circles, working alongside elders and youth. These illustrations support Indigenous cultural safety health care and other social services.


  • Cuystwi: provide live graphic recording during webinars that are live-broadcast to rural and remote youth. The image above was created during a 90 minute session. It was developed in collaboration with elders and youth leaders.
  • San’yas: creating illustrations and diagrams engage learners about anti-indigenous racism and help them learn challenging material. The ICC online training is strengthened with customized and appropriate visuals.


The PHSA’s award-winning work is transforming health and wellness for Indigenous people in BC and in provinces across Canada.

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