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Digital Graphic Recording – ONLINE

Digital Graphic Recording: helping your team connect - virtually!

You deserve better online meetings

We’re all in a new relationship with technology these days, and when it works – it brings us closer together. Graphic recording online can support your group’s engagement, amplify your message, and get everyone on the same page. It’s one more tool to help groups see what they mean – with live, online visuals.

Cut through the online noise with a unique, visual message

Virtual meetings and workshops have quickly become an important part of our everyday lives, but video calls can drain your team’s energy. Bring visuals – and joy! And organization! – into your virtual conversation to combat Zoom fatigue, increase memory retention, and share your work online with a visual recap.

Engage online with virtual graphic recording

Our team can create digital graphics with you, wherever you’re located. We listen deeply and bring our expertise to your meeting – you deserve a graphic recorder who understands your sector – so we can create one of a kind visuals online:

  • Summaries and Teaching tools
  • Mission / vision / values
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Retrospectives
  • Co-created team timelines
  • Strategic Planning
  • Presentations
  • Brainstorming
  • Webinars
  • Talking circles
  • and more.

7 Ways Digital Graphic Recording Works

Sam Bradd, 2 hour panel, with screensharing during the meeting (digitally)

This dynamic panel about the Arts included six speakers and plenary conversations. Outcome: summary of the high level discussion and it was shown during the session, using digital screensharing, to give participants a closeup and detailed look at the content.


Sam Bradd, 90 minute panel during a webinar, drawn on paper and presented to the audience live

It can be really fun for participants to watch a graphic recorder create – and draw – live! When we work on paper during a zoom call, participants can ‘pin’ our video and add an engaging layer to their online experience. Then, at the end of the session, we can bring cameras up close and personal to the images to give participants a fantastic, visual tour.

Adriana Contreras, 2 hour online dialogue, drawn live 

Elaine Alec of Alderhill Planning hosted an online gathering for Women Entrepreneurs across Canada about navigating the uncertainly of the Covid-19 crisis. Outcome: participants commented how the visual helped them to feel more connected to each other, and it was widely shared on social media to stay positive.

Illustration of boat on the ocean with faces in the sky

Tiaré Jung, 1 hour keynote dialogue and discussion

This keynote and discussion connected 70+ social entrepreneurs to ground, focus, and align with purpose. Outcome: Particularly in larger Zoom sessions where attendees can feel lost in a sea of faces, live visuals can capture participants’ attention and show them their voice is heard.

Illustration of pathway

Michelle Buchholz, posters summarizing research

Digital graphics are a game-changer for refining and summarizing thoughtful research. Michelle’s “Developing Policies to Address Anti-Indigenous Racism” is the first of a series of posters based on  her Master’s research Methodology in public policy. Outcome: a soon to be released illustrated research publication.

Illustration of hands and women

Carina Nilsson, 1 hour online workshop, drawn live

A sharable visual makes a short session or workshop memorable long after the event. Outcome: Digital graphic recording can distill key messages and recap action items from workshops, to help support the change that’s needed.

Illustration of people writing in book

Annalee Kornelsen, 16 minute TEDxSMU talk

Visuals organize complex information in a clear and concise way, which is exceptionally helpful for quick keynote speeches and dense conference talks. Outcome: invite your team to reflect on the most important takeaways from a talk with graphics like this.

Visual of lungs and globe with hands


Sam Bradd, 2 hour online workshops, drawn live 

Live graphic recording during a webinar for Training for Change. Outcome: summary of participant discussion and webinar content. After the session, we circulated it to participants as a teaching tool for an immediate recap of the discussion.

Illustrations of people working on computers

Sam Bradd: Infodemic 2-day technical briefing for the World Health Organization

Sam continues to support the WHO with live visuals, this time summarizing 20+ presentations with paper, pens and paint. Visuals can be 100% analogue, if you love the contrast to our all-digital lives these days. Outcome: dozens of visuals were used immediately on twitter, plus will be published in a summary report to amplify the messages.

Illustration of person holding cell phone

Whether it’s on the iPad for digital graphic recording or creating hand-drawn posters with classic paper and pens — Let’s collaborate so your online meetings have impact, and spark new ideas and conversations long after your Zoom call is done.