children and the future of a low carbon economy Sierra Club

Low Carbon Future Illustration for Sierra Club of BC

My new Sierra Club of BC poster shows a thriving, vibrant low carbon future. It’s so fun to draw tiny details that create the world I want! We squeezed in everything from backyard gardens, walkable neighbourhoods, thriving culture, drinking water straight from the source, and of course great jobs. The Future is Here Sierra Club a low carbon future

The poster is part of the Sierra Club of BC’s new report The Future is Here, an “urgent call to defend nature, stabilize the climate, and transition to a post-carbon economy.” And a low carbon future can sound very serious, but actually it’s a future full of hope. The poster captures the joy that’s possible if we turn our minds to this new future.

We want young people to see this future.

In October, the graphic was sent to 2250 educators to use in their classrooms. Soon it will be laid out with a ‘legend’ that helps young people understand the nuances in the image, too.

Look for it in a few magazines coming out soon – and in presentations and outreach by the Sierra Club of BC.

children and the future of a low carbon economy Sierra Club

low carbon economy - agriculture   water low carbon economy Sierra Club   electric vehicles low carbon economy Sierra Club

The Sierra Club report uses beautiful photographs throughout, and it’s a fantastic resource:

The Future is Here Sierra Club - transition to a low carbon future Sierra Club The Future is Here executive Summarysierra club title and rights with a low carbon economy

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