YMCA image of visual strategic plan

Visual strategic plan: YCMA of Greater Vancouver

For over 100 years, the YMCA has helped children and families with tough issues. In 2011, the YMCA of Greater Vancouver began a visionary strategic planning process to build upon and guide their work for a new decade: Focus 20/20.

A vision that’s bigger than ever

Back in 2011, the YMCA of Greater Vancouver realized that Focus 20/20 would require engagement, investment, and partnerships beyond what they have ever done before and they dove right in. Fast forward to 2014: the committed leaders at the YMCA of Greater Vancouver realized hundreds of achievements as a result of the process. How could they best communicate these victories to members and community leaders?

Getting visual with strategy

Between 2014 and 2018, Drawing Change helped illustrate internal and public-facing visual strategic plans so the YMCA of Greater Vancouver could communicate their main themes: thinking bigger, using a community lens, working as a team, and building the right relationships. Unique, vibrant and diverse illustrations encourage people to engage with the report. The page-turning illustrations include a visual strategic plan, icons, and graphic recordings from meetings.

Lasting impacts – and reports

The YMCA of Greater Vancouver believes that more people are being helped in deeper, more meaningful ways as a result of their strategic efforts. The report needs to be meaningful – because a truly evergreen document fosters engagement. Signi Solmundson (VP Marketing and Communications) creatively printed the illustrations on a planter, so people could keep the evergreen, strategic plan right on their desks!