Gixaala Nation illustrated community dialogue sessions

Gitxaala Nation Community Planning

In the last few years, Gitxaala Nation has done incredible community planning work together. They’ve hosted dialogue sessions about governance, health and wellness, youth, and recreation – all part of the Nation improving their community life.

Drawing a community story, thousands of kilometres away

It’s not easy to engage community members (especially youth and Elders) with long documents or spreadsheets. And, at in-person meetings, Gitxaala Nation wanted community members to be really present in the conversation. How could the Nation’s vision and plans be transformed into an easy-to-see story – even though Drawing Change is thousands of kilometres away?

Bringing hearts and minds together

Thanks to email and phone, we collaborated with the Nation to create an illustration ahead of time. We found the very essence of their story, and integrated photos of important events on the land, working in collaboration to make changes and get things just right. We knew that Gitxaala citizens were coming together to dream up positive change at an upcoming meeting – so we created a giant hand-drawn poster to bring to the community meetings, and printed a worksheet-sized copy of the poster for each individual. Visuals would help engage people’s hearts and minds at the meeting and beyond.

Award-winning illustrations for community engagement

Drawing Change specializes in collaborating remotely to create powerful illustrated stories. We’re expert listeners, and we centre the experiences of people most affected by the work in our visuals. We’ve illustrated reports for health researchers overseas, drawn curriculum modules for the World Health Organization, and created award-winning visuals for community engagement. We illustrate information so it’s beautiful, and useful, and we can do it for you too.

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