Closeup of Rural Health symposium image featuring Health Delivery graphic recording by drawing change
rural health illustration featuring communication, health delivery, and engagement in small group work
Rural-Health illustration closeup of youth engagement created by drawing change
two illustrations featured in the final report - including two loop model illustrated by drawing change

Rural Health Online Symposium – Live Graphic Recording

Resilient Transformation of BC Rural Communities - with live graphic recording

Graphic recording helped paint a larger health picture at the Rural Health Services Research Network of British Columbia (RHSRNbc) virtual research symposium focused on the ‘Resilient Transformation of Rural Communities in British Columbia’. 

Unique Agenda: Resiliency and Transformation 

The agenda at the Rural Health Services Research Network of British Columbia (RHSRNbc)’s symposium was unique with abundant time for group work. Day 1 focussed on Resiliency: deep conversations to explore what rural community resiliency looks like and what system transformation is needed. Day 2’s focus was Transformation: we returned to the same topics to look at implications and recommendations. This agenda felt – and became – a needed shift from the typical 20-minute lightning round of online group work which can often feel transactional and only skims the surface. The symposium invited us to be in longer conversations online – and when important work goes into the invitation and convening relationships, the participants show up ready to dive in. 

Graphic Recording to Showcase Complexity and Intersections

The symposium explored three intersections: rural community resiliency, system transformation, and implications and possible recommendations. Live graphic recording needed to reflect the group’s best thinking and insights, and I needed a three part approach.

  1. First, we included an online note-taking tool (Jamboard) where I could scan for key insights and themes during the breakout small group  time.
  2. Second, I prepared a more detailed and nuanced anchor image for each conversation topic, to visually structure the page and for use in the report afterwards.
  3. And third, my graphic recording synthesis and listening skills synthesized the data and key themes in real-time during the fast and detailed report out.  

Symposium proceedings, with illustrations and graphic recording

Afterwards, the graphic recordings formed part of a larger documentation of the symposium, including the final report which can be read here .  It says, “This symposium is part of the RHSRNbc’s longitudinal commitment to enhancing the resiliency of rural communities with the goal of our work to build rural community resiliency through relationships. ” Here are additional links to the zoom recordings.