BC Women’s Hospital Research Institute

An Example of Graphic Facilitation at Work

The BC Women’s Hospital Research Institute is one of only two institutes in Canada that focuses on health research for women and their families. It was time to bring together diverse stakeholders, including patients, staff, health leaders and experts, to strengthen this innovative network.

The famous 80/20 rule.

With so many busy schedules, we planned for a one-day face to face meeting – so 80% of the work had to be done ahead of time. This strategic planning session began with a series of one-to-one interviews led by Dr Lori Brotto, the Executive Director, with stakeholders, survey of members, and staff – all which informed the big day.

Engaging as a team through graphic facilitation.

This was a true team approach: Sam and Yolanda from Drawing Change led WHRI through a day of hands-on, participatory visioning using graphic recording. WHRI found their strengths, imagined the future they want, assessed their progress, and came up with metrics to measure next steps. To help bring their vision to life, Yolanda provided real-time graphic recording. These vibrant posters hang in their hallways today as an evergreen reminder of the WHRI vision.

Transforming health – visually.

Drawing Change supports leading health organizations in Canada and internationally with strategic planning and knowledge translation. If you are also transforming health and health care, we can help you align your vision and communicate that message.

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