Graphic Facilitation Trainings ONLINE and IN PERSON in 2022

Do you spend a lot of your time in meetings wondering, “What is this meeting about? Is this the best use of our time?”

That doesn’t sound fun. Drawing Change can show you a better way. We want you to create meetings with more belonging and connection – using visual facilitation and graphic recording. In 2022, we have both online and in-person options! 

Our foundational workshop will help you hone your listening and drawing skills to make meaning, increase collaboration, and solve problems. No pre-recorded videos – the online workshop is a small group online learning environment with 2 trainers, and a max of 12 participants; the in-person training has 6 participants plus Sam. 

2022 Online Graphic Facilitation Trainings – May 2022 (sold out)

May 14 -16, 2022 online. The ONLINE training begins with an optional social Friday May 13th, then the weekend workshop runs 9-4pm PST on Saturday and Sunday. Monday the training goes 9-12pm. 12 participants and 2 trainers. Click here for tickets

2022 In-Person Graphic Facilitation Trainings –  October 2022 (sold out)

October 14 – 17, 2022 in person. The in-person training begins with an optional social Friday May 13th, then the weekend workshop runs 9-4pm PST on Saturday and Sunday. Monday the training goes 9-12pm. Max 6 people. Click here for tickets

What will I learn in this 2022 graphic facilitation training?

  • Expand your leadership tool-box with visual superpowers
  • Learn how to include diverse voices in meetings
  • Develop your capacity to distill information
  • Sharpen your tools to have more effective meetings
  • Hone your creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Have deep conversations about working wisely with visuals and cultural safety
this course is hands on and participatory – whether you join us via Zoom or in-person!

What does the agenda cover?

Before Day 1:

Optional online or in person social the evening before the workshop from 5-6:30pm

Day 1: Focus on Graphic Recording

  • Building your visual vocabulary (even if you think you “can’t draw”)
  • Lettering five ways: bring your flip charts to the next level
  • Layouts and how to structure the page
  • Hands on-practice
  • Overview of the field, including conversations about ethics, power, and responsibilities
  • Resources for your success

Day 2: Focus on Graphic Facilitation

  • Visual tools for facilitating meetings – drawing and talking
  • Choosing the right tools
  • Co-creating the agenda
  • Guest graphic facilitator will give a presentation about a unique feature of graphic recording practice (May session will be about digital innovations including augmented reality spaces; the November session will focus on the experience of being a Northern Indigenous practitioner. October session will also have a guest speaker. All sessions are equally fabulous!)

Day 3: Lab (optional, but included in the ticket price – free bonus! )

This is more chance to practice, from 9 am until 12pm. Drawing Change has a unique setup for supportive environment, and a chance to gather great feed-forward to integrate all of your learning. We will practice graphic recording in a slow paced way and answer any remaining questions about business or your action plan. This used to be a separate ticket for our in-person sessions, and we’re including it with the online training now. 

Who should attend?

This workshop is for facilitators, educators, managers, and innovators – anyone who finds themselves working with groups (isn’t that everyone?). You don’t need to be a super-sketcher to be able to communicate visually. If you’ve ever drawn two overlapping circles to explain something, you’re already using visual thinking. This workshop will enhance how you connect ideas, listen and create visual summaries for meetings and events. Our workshops generally attract people who want a unique approach to using visuals with a lens of diversity, inclusion, and equity, as well. 

Sam Bradd
Sam Bradd

What’s included?

FULL KIT of drawing supplies valued at over $100. A really generous kit of markers and supplies so you can start your visual practice right away. If you’re in the online workshop, we’re going to mail you paper to work on, and you can bring an ipad / tablet if you like. For the in-person session, we’ll provide all supplies.

Two and a half days of instruction, an optional social 

Supportive coaching and facilitation from Sam and a guest facilitator

Templates, handouts, a book of icons, and resources created by Drawing Change

Two exclusive Neuland® Ambassador gifts

A new network of visual practitioners to support you after the course!

This is from 2019 … imagine me making this gesture but on Zoom in 2021

What does the training cost?

$2500 CDN + GST for the online course; $2800 + GST for the in-person session with limited participants

Payment plan options available by request. Please contact:

Join us! can’t wait to meet you.

PS: And if you’re curious … will this work on Zoom? for the last year, Sam and the team have been graphic recording and facilitating for groups around the world. We’ve facilitated meetings of up to 950 people at a time, so we’ve got a great handle on how to make online learning fun and engaging. And the signature in-person workshop attracts people from around the world. This learning environment is going to be fun, and a safe place to try learning new things together!