Custom In-House Graphic Facilitation Workshops

Sam Bradd Workshop group

With a custom in-house workshop, we come to you!

Since 2016, Sam Bradd has trained hundreds of people to think more visually and improve their skills through graphic facilitation workshops. Graphic facilitation combines listening and drawing, and is a set of tools that helps people in groups make connections, communicate clearly, and do their best work together. 

Drawing Change’s custom in-house workshops aim to develop capacity within your staff to use graphic facilitation tools and graphic recording for personal and professional use. These skills integrate into workshops, meetings, internal planning, and public engagement, and beyond. The benefit of doing this in-house is that the skills will be shared more widely throughout your team, and you can focus on creating projects that are immediately useful and applicable to your organization. 

We find the best results for most teams is:

  • A deep dive over 3 days
  • There’s a maximum of 15 people but 8 is best
  • There’s robust supplies kits for each participant to keep and use after the workshop is done (we coordinate them for you!)

We’ve trained people using Zoom, too! We ship out big kits of supplies to make it possible so all you need is a wall to hang up paper, and an internet connection.

Shorter 1 day workshops are possible – and in 2022 Sam is also training a cohort of new graphic recorders over 5 online sessions so they can practice in between trainings.  

Workshop Outcomes

Workshop outcomes and agenda are the same as our signature, introductory training – and we can customize parts of the training to have relevant case studies and group work. 
All activities will be interactive and hands-on.

  1. To introduce graphic recording skills to make meetings more engaging: listening and drawing to connect ideas and create visual summaries. 
  2. Participants will create a template to support a real-life process/challenge, which is a visual tool to support a real-life process/challenge, to help communicate ideas more visually without drawing live. (eg a visual agenda, structure for staff meeting note-taking, strategic plan outline, agile retrospective, etc). 
  3. Introduce other visual tools that can support meetings and group work, without drawing live (eg photo cards, tactile tools, journey mapping, and more).

Logistics and Supplies 

Supplies: Sam will design and coordinate a customized set of take-home materials to support ongoing learning. We’ll make sure you get great supplies, including custom resources, and what you need to get started right after the training. Kits to support this work are recommended to be $200 per person, and we will coordinate the ordering and distribution of supplies with you. 

Online technical support: If we are doing online training via Zoom, it’s recommended that we include zoom technical hosting to train up participants in how to use our online platform MURAL and to also provide zoom technical support during the online training. This provides a supportive and less stressful environment for all participants who can then focus on creativity! 

We’ll create a logistical plan that takes into consideration training venue, supplies, distribution of kits, registration information, and other details (including online technical support roles if we’re online). We will need a suitable training venue with flat walls to work on for each person, and moveable desks/tables for group work.

Graphic Facilitation supply kit with Drawing Change 2023 Neuland ambassador


Sam Bradd – Professional background

Sam’s background combines facilitation and education, and you’ll find his passion for teaching is apparent. He approaches each new workshop as a unique opportunity to unlock potential in participants – the only qualifications required are an open mind, and a sense of humour. Absolutely no drawing skills are required, and all types of creativity are welcomed.

What makes Sam’s training sessions unique is the emphasis on supporting facilitators (and people who want to facilitate): he designs learning opportunities for people to discover knowledge, instead of delivering it to them. Together, you will create a foundation of drawing skills, and then apply it in a work context. You will also use 1:1 practice time, coaching, and teamwork to become better graphic facilitators together.

Cost of in-house workshops

Training Fees: pricing for a three day workshop is $1500 per person. In comparison, our public workshops are $2800/person. There’s a minimum number of 8 participants required for custom workshops. In some circumstances, we can negotiate a flat day rate after learning more about your organization/community needs and resources, especially if you’re hoping to focus on a smaller portion of the overall training skills. 

Other costs: 

  • Supply kits and shipping: kits are additional and billed at reimbursement, usually $200 per kit and we can advise on shipping costs/logistics
  • For in person courses: Sam’s travel is additional, and clients need to provide a suitable training venue 
  • For online courses: we need technical support time to meet with each participant for 15 minutes to train them on our online platform, and this second staff person provides zoom technical support/troubleshooting during the online workshops. 
  • We like to recommend that if you’re training people for community capacity, building in a budget to pay 1 or 2 participants to take on a paid project after the training is very successful
  • Options can be to also bring in paid guest speakers and other advisors too!

Previous custom trainings – from Inuvik to Saskatoon

  • Business developers and workshop trainers at a national Crown corporation
  • To support community planning in Nunavut and the NWT 
  • Health authority coaches and managers
  • Social workers who wanted to improve their engagement with youth
  • Indigenous community members working on Comprehensive Community Plans

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“The workshop gave the tools, practice, mentorship and networking to boost my confidence to dive into visual facilitation!”

“Enjoyable, creative, and stimulating – appreciated the choice of activities and the open and encouraging facilitation. Very well organized, with minimal transition time between activities.”

“The farther removed I become from the workshop, the more I am applying and connecting ideas to the work I do; I didn’t intend to come out of this workshop as a “graphic recorder”, but rather to expose myself to the practice to add another tool in my design of facilitated space – meetings, trainings, public engagements, community dialogues, etc.”