Custom In-House Graphic Facilitation Workshops

Custom in-house graphic facilitation workshop: we come to you

Spend a lot time in meetings wondering, “What’s happening? Is this the best use of our time?” Drawing Change can show you a better way. We want you to create meetings that matter, using graphic facilitation and graphic recording.

We’ve trained hundreds of people to be more visual in their meetings, and improve their skills through graphic facilitation. Graphic facilitation helps people in groups make connections, communicate more clearly, and do their best work together. 

In-house training means skills are shared more widely throughout your team, and you can also create projects that are immediately useful and applicable to your organization. 

In-house trainings at a glance:

Sam Bradd Workshop group

Previous in-house trainings – from Inuvik to Saskatoon

  • Health knowledge translation experts in Inuvik and Yellowknife, NWT 
  • Business developers and workshop trainers at a national Crown corporation
  • To support community planning in Nunavut 
  • For Indigenous participants specializing in the species at risk sector
  • Health authority coaches and managers
  • Social workers who wanted to improve their engagement with youth
  • Indigenous community members working on Comprehensive Community Plans

Advanced graphic facilitation training with Drawing Change - image of a question that asks what makes you feel alive about graphic recording?

What will I learn in this graphic facilitation training?

Ooh, Supplies! what’s in the kit? 

  • We coordinate a FULL KIT of professional graphic recording drawing supplies valued at over $200 (it used to be $100 and we just keep adding to it). I’m a Neuland® Ambassador and their tools make a huge difference – we’ll set you up with a generous kit of markers and supplies. For online workshops, we mail paper and all supplies, and you can bring an ipad / tablet if you like. 
  • NEW: 200-page Drawing Change resource book, plus other printed materials to support your visual practice right away.


Timing and Agenda (online or in person)

Day 1: Focus on Graphic Recording 9-4pm 

  • Building your visual vocabulary (even if you think you “can’t draw”)
  • Lettering five ways: bring your flip charts to the next level
  • Layouts and how to structure the blank page 
  • Hands on-practice
  • Overview of the field
  • Resources for your success

Day 2: Focus on Graphic Facilitation 9-4pm 

  • Visual tools for facilitating meetings – when you’re drawing and talking  
  • Choosing the right tools / approaches
  • Special topics (technology, ipads, etc)
  • Conversations about power and responsibilities 

Day 3: Practice Lab – putting it all together 9-2pm

  • The Day 3 is an amazing leap from where we start on Day 1. We have a unique setup for a supportive environment  – and a chance to integrate all of your learnings so far
  • We will practice graphic recording in a slow paced way and provide support for each other
  • Create action plans and next steps for your practice, work and action plan

Who should attend? You, of course! 

This workshop is for facilitators, educators, managers, and innovators – anyone who finds themselves working with groups (isn’t that everyone?). We’ve trained people from young adults to people making a career shift in retirement. You don’t need to be a super-sketcher to be able to communicate visually. If you’ve ever drawn two overlapping circles to explain something, you’re already using visual thinking. This workshop will enhance how you connect ideas, listen and create visual summaries for meetings and events. Our workshops generally attract people who want a unique approach to using visuals with a lens of diversity, inclusion, and equity, as well. Participants have come to in-person trainings from 6 countries – and all sorts of educational and professional backgrounds.

graphic facilitation and graphic recording training what are the best practices to explain the differences drawing change model 2024

What does an in-house training cost? 

  • Contact us for a custom quote. Generally, you will save money compared to sending people to our public workshops which are $2600/Canadian for 3 days.. You provide the training venue, and coordinate registration. We’ll coordinate supplies and shipping for online or in-person courses. 
  • There’s a max of 10 people for a full 3-day training 
  • Option: if you’re training people for community capacity, building in a budget to pay 1 or 2 participants to take on a paid project after the training is very successful
  • Options can be to also bring in paid guest speakers and other advisors too! 

What else? 

Curious about the benefits of zoom vs in person?

I’d say that both workshops create similar outcomes for peoples’ visual practices – it’s about where you feel comfortable most. I’ve graphic recorded and facilitated groups around the world – including facilitating a meeting of 950 people at a time on zoom (!), so we’ve got a great handle on how to make online learning fun and engaging. Being on Zoom brings together people from more remote places, the in-person session means you get more chances to have casual conversations, and see a beautiful part of Vancouver. Both the online and in-person courses attract stellar people who value creating a learning environment for each other – people value making it fun, and a safer place to try new things.

Sam Bradd with his hands out in front of him, explaining something while teaching in front of a circle of people standing up and looking slightly serious
2019 photo, but still making this hand gesture

Meet the Trainer: Sam Bradd 

Hi! I’m Sam Bradd. I’m a graphic facilitator, meeting facilitator, and the Principal of Drawing Change. I combine 25 years’ facilitation experience with visuals to help groups unlock their creativity and truly lead. Since 2010, I’ve taught hundreds of people how to do graphic recording and graphic facilitation – and I’m excited to launch this advanced course with you. 

My formal education includes an MEd in Educational Studies (UBC), certification in Human Systems Dynamics and I’m a Dialogue Associate with the SFU Centre for Dialogue. When facilitating, I aim for approaches that are strengths-based, creative, and use an intersectional and anti-racism lens. As a graphic recorder, I’ve worked in 11 countries, with the World Health Organization, and groups working to change the world. I co-edited two books and am a co-founder of the award-winning Graphic History Collective. I’m a white settler of Italian and Scottish background, and live on unceded Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh territories.

Get in touch about custom in-house workshops

Email us at and let’s chat about what you imagine.

“The workshop gave the tools, practice, mentorship and networking to boost my confidence to dive into visual facilitation!”

“Enjoyable, creative, and stimulating – appreciated the choice of activities and the open and encouraging facilitation. Very well organized, with minimal transition time between activities.”

“The farther removed I become from the workshop, the more I am applying and connecting ideas to the work I do; I didn’t intend to come out of this workshop as a “graphic recorder”, but rather to expose myself to the practice to add another tool in my design of facilitated space – meetings, trainings, public engagements, community dialogues, etc.”