graphic recording of keynote by scott mcqueen and jordee reid Vets without borders

Online graphic recording for Veterinarians in the North

Graphic recording for a full-day, online Summit brings stories to life

Like many groups, Veterinarians Without Borders had carefully planned an amazing Summit for 2020 about Animal Care in the North. So when they needed to move online, they wanted to create a Wow experience. They invited graphic recording - to make a difference for participants during and after the event.

See the insights instantly during the event

Graphic recording online is a form of active listening, made visual. The Veterinarians Without Borders invited amazing guest speakers – beginning with Jordee Reid and Scott McQueen who are a family of sled dog mushers – to open up the event with a historical and modern context about life with sled dogs in the North. During each presentation and panel, Sam was graphic recording using digital tools (and thinking fondly of his own experiences above the Arctic Circle!). At the end of each session, with the push of one button, these graphics were an immediate summary that could go on the screen for people to see. Between sessions and at the break (when we weren’t looking at adorable photos of each other’s dogs!), the organizers screenshared to highlight the visuals for longer reflection.

Graphic recording Is a beautiful way to share info after

Organizers put heart and soul into online events, whether they are full day or shorter sessions. Keep that momentum going by sending out beautiful images that captivate participants – or your audience on social media! As soon as the summit workshops/presentations were done, we put the graphic recordings on social media throughout the day. After the event, the graphic recordings were circulated with videos and post-event proceedings so the important info could spread far and wide.

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Since 2010, Drawing Change has supported people from Inuvik to Cambridge Bay to Iqualuit – on a range of topics about resilience in the North for people, Land and animals. If you dream of how to visualize complex issues in a way that resonate with community members and leaders of all types – get in touch with us today.

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