Drawing Change Foundation’s first year

It’s the first year of the Drawing Change Foundation! Every year, we like to give back in a number of ways – paid mentorship, sponsoring artists in the community like a new mural at DEWC, or just going above and beyond for the amazing groups we collaborate with.

The Foundation means we can give some (small!) annual donations in areas that mean a lot to us: social justice and art, climate justice, or Indigenous-led work on decolonizing/ reconciliation.

This year the team chose donations to go to these two charities:
❄️Western Arctic Youth Collective (co-led by @nigitstil!)
❄️ Arctic Foundation for Children and Youth
🍏 And since so much mutual aid is not (and can’t be) a charity, I’m also sending a donation to the no barrier Saige Community food bank for trans /2S / and gender diverse people.

2020 has been hard – and it hasn’t impacted us equally. So whether you prefer to give to an organization or to your friend of a friend who’s got a Kickstarter to pay their rent – I hope we can all be extra generous this holiday season.


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