Zero Waste infographics for the CCPA

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My new infographic for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives-BC shows how Zero Waste policies can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create green jobs.

The CCPA-BC office has released a brand new report detailing statistics and recommendations for how we can shift from linear waste systems to closed loop systems. Linear waste is the usual way we think of consumption: extract resources, build something, use it, dispose of it. Closed loop systems create opportunities for repairing stuff, material recovery, green jobs and overall a reduction in waste.

Direct link to share the infographic:

There’s also a great story in the Georgia Straight:

My favorite part about this graphic is the Elimination section. On an individual level, we’re already doing many of these things. The CBC Spark podcast did a great episode on ‘collaborative consumption’ here: Nobody thinks twice about sharing baby stuff. Or that Netflix and AirB+B are convenient. And who wouldn’t want no junk mail? I pick up my apartment’s stack of abandoned flyers each week and it’s a stunning pile of waste. We need to scale up with this thinking and apply it to other parts of the product life cycle, from manufacturing to recycling, in the context of zero waste.

At every stage, zero waste needs to be easy to do. The result is a stronger economy, healthier environment, green jobs, and no reliance on incineration to manage waste.

Download the full report from the CCPA here:


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