Youth Sustainability Event: Global Rewind at Science World

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As a graphic recorder, I set up with my giant roll of paper and pens at the side of the room.

The room was buzzing.

The youth were holding a World Cafe session to talk out their ideas. At this World Café session, participants worked in over ten groups to answer different questions. To get their ideas from their tables over to me at the drawing wall, they submitted their ideas on sticky notes. Someone from each group took the sticky notes and ran them over to me, where I drew out their ideas and contributions right in front of them.

I grouped the information quickly into themes. The poster, approximately 6 feet across, was completed live at the event. Afterwards it was circulated by email and I saw it pop up on Facebook profiles- after all, it was a youth event!

A highly engaged and inspiring evening. Congrats to everyone involved.

“Sam’s sharp and intuitive mind allowed him to aptly capture and synthesize key points from the multiple conversations happening at our event. The bright and stimulating illustration that resulted has proven to be an invaluable reporting tool and it provides an inspiring backdrop for further conversations at Youth4Action events.” – Karen Stroebel, Youth Sustainability Facilitator

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