Wellness Planning Toolkit and Evaluation for BC First Nations

Health and wellness Planning a toolkit for BC First Nations - cover of the report by FNHAThe First Nations Health Authority has a new Health and Wellness Planning Toolkit – and we helped explain this holistic wellness process visually.

From the introduction of the report:

“In 2011, BC First Nations made a historic decision to create a new First Nations health governance structure and to assume responsibility for the design and delivery of former federal health programs and services and advance partnership and integration with the mainstream health system. This work is grounded in the First Nations Perspective on Health and Wellness — a wholistic and shared perspective on health and wellness.”

What should planning, reporting and evaluation look like?

Themes gathered since 2012 include:

What We Heard - FNHA Health and Wellness PLanning process illustration by Drawing Change


Why talk about evaluation standards?

“Nation rebuilding is about redefining the standards for human behaviour (how we treat each other and how we treat the land) and embedding those standards in policy or law and then, operationally, holding each other accountable for maintaining these standards that provide protection of our people, land and cultures. When we work together in our Nation groups in setting standards through a community-driven and Nation-based approach, we are self‑governing. Historically we had confederacies; our cultures hold our history and our history informs our future.”

— Gwen Phillips, Director of Governance Transition, Ktunaxa Nation CouncilPlanning Reporting and Evaluation Standards for First Nations Health and Wellness Plans

The toolkit is online

There are four purposes for the new Toolkit:

  • To support the development of Health and Wellness Plans;
  • To introduce Planning, Reporting and Evaluation Standards;
  • To share planning tools, templates, resources and stories;
  • To support our plans in First Nations health and wellness to speak to each other, enabling greater collaboration, co-ordination and quality of services.

Please find the toolkit online here at FNHA: https://www.fnha.ca/WellnessSite/WellnessDocuments/FNHA-Health-and-Wellness-Planning-A-Toolkit-for-BC-First-Nations.pdf  — and may it support your community health and wellness planning.

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