Feature interview about visual thinking on Wacom blog

One of the top questions I get asked about graphic recording is “how did you get into this?”

The team at Wacom was curious, too. They wanted to know more about my passion for helping groups solve problems with drawing. It’s so awesome to be interviewed by the people who make my favourite tablet!

Hop over here for the feature interview about visual thinking on the Wacom blog:http://bamboo.wacom.com/drawing-thinking-tools-the-art-of-meetings/

It’s always about having the right tools for the job.

Excerpt: “To understand Sam Bradd and the magic he conjures as a graphic recorder, we first have to talk about that staple of the modern workplace — the meeting. (I know. And sorry.)

If you just flinched as a PTSD–fueled wave of meeting memories washed over you – the tedium, the boredom, the sense of precious time squandered as nothing useful happens – don’t worry, you’re in good company. Recent studies show that meetings not only do a number on workplace morale and productivity, they can temporarily lower the collective IQs of all involved.

The Meeting Antidote

Now the good news — Bradd has an antidote for all that.”

PS Check out the Bamboo blog here: http://bamboo.wacom.com/


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