5 comments on “Visual Storytelling: Finding Common Ground

  1. Hi Sam:

    Nice piece, this one. I’ve facilitated several of these BCGEU conferences over the years and have nworked with (and been a member of) public sector unions.

    If there is one group of unions that needs a powerful story it is this one. And connecting the story of a strong union to a strong community is essential not only for the future of the labour movement, but for the effectiveness of labour in communities, where activists with job security can make change beyond their workplaces.

    Thanks for these images and reflections. This is important work.

    1. Absolutely, Chris!
      The BCGEU members do important work for communities, and it’s the connection between public services and community that’s also important. I agree that change can start in the workplace but ripples beyond… Ripples, like a rising tide floats more boats. Thanks for your note. Great meeting, finally, in person last week!

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