Visual Language – Speaker at CreativeMornings Vancouver

sam bradd graphic recording drawn image visual languageWant a fun way to kickstart your 2016’s creative resolutions? Get a ticket to Vancouver’s CreativeMornings! I’m the guest speaker at the January event talking about Visual Language and Creativity. Thrilled to be part of this monthly breakfast series with fellow creatives, held in cities around the world. Your free ticket includes a guest speaker, breakfast, and also lots of time to socialize (I won’t be talking the whole time, heck no).

The global CreativeMornings theme for January is Language … which is a perfect fit for graphic facilitation. I want to help more people communicate better, using visuals. I think we all have an intuitive visual language inside us, ready to help us get our ideas out of heads and into the world.

And to help you do this — I’m bringing some very fun tools for you to take home! I won’t spoil the surprise… but trust me, you’ll want to be in the audience whether you like brainstorming with pen/paper, using digital/devices, or better yet, want to use the power of both.

Get your tickets asap at this link below, and here’s to making 2016 your most creative year, yet.

PS Catch up on speakers you might have missed with the CM videos – brought to you by the CM team. Illustrator Ola Volo was the December speaker and I’m a huge fan.


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