Visual Instructions for a Big Zoom Breakout – Conference

I’m helping to facilitate no less than 5 awesome sessions before the end of the year – ranging from trans inclusion in sexual health to helping an executive team in education hold meaningful conversations in a challenging time.
I’m really looking forward to planning this 100+ person event coming up: we have a unique Zoom challenge. We need 5 breakout streams, each with small groups. We’re not pre-assigning breakouts with pre-registration this time. One solution: Open up 5 new links. Start in the Big Zoom, move to Small Zooms, back to The Big Zoom.
Here’s visual instructions if you’re interested in doing this, too. Nevada Lane called my diagram process-oriented visual thinking, and it’s a great description of drawing out a process. And, it’s a very good description of well, just how I think all the time. Whenever there’s something messy or complex that folks are working on … a diagram or model usually helps. And hope this helps support your zoom facilitation, too!
What also helps: go slow with instructions. Have lots of people to help. Don’t leave people behind. Have visual instructions, instructions in the chat, don’t rush, question if you really need all the tech for this particular event (or is there an even more elegant way to host this?) and be patient – especially with the tech!

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