Visual identity for Pearson Residents group with disabilities


disability group pearson residents rebranding vancouver The members of the Pearson Residents Redevelopment Group (PRRG) have a vision of inclusive communities for people with disabilities. Their home, a long-term care facility called George Pearson Centre, will be under redevelopment in the future. For PRRG, the redevelopment process is an opportunity for significant dialogue.

“George Pearson Centre (GPC) is home to approximately 120 residents who live with a range of physical disabilities. Some residents have lived at the Centre all of their adult life. Some are relatively new residents, while many others expect to live out their life in the facility. Not all residents want to live at GPC. Many are compelled to live here because there are not enough disability supports like accessible affordable housing and home support to allow them to live in their own homes.” (from

I’m working with PRRG to develop a communications plan and visual identity. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the process. The Pearson lands have a vast amount of lush green space, with a working urban farm, community and resident gardens. PRRG wants to demonstrate how important the outdoor space is to residents. The PRRG also wants to communicate caring, and so in the second round of concepts, we played with the idea of hands. In the end, we chose a variation of an early design. It highlights the sweeping expanse of green space with a larger tree and dynamic line for the ground. The light symbolizes sun and warmth, and the diversity of buildings demonstrates there are many ways to redevelop Pearson for optimal health, community, and independence.

George Pearson residents have possibly one of the only websites by and for people living in long-term care. Find them online here:

Below is a sampling of the designs we developed. See more of my branding and illustration work here.


visual identity and branding for disability organization of residents living in a long term care facility; communications plan about the redevelopment of their home

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