Visual Facilitation workshop in Greater Vancouver – report back

visual facilitation workshop and graphic facilitation training with sam bradd - greater Vancouver
Hart House cottage

UPDATE: 2017 workshop registration is here! Click here to find out more.

Last month, I had the pleasure of teaching a Visual Facilitation workshop to a fantastic group of people. They are colleagues who work in different areas of the same company – from training to IT – so we had a fantastic opportunity to make new connections and apply skills to different sections of the business.

Why Visual Facilitation?

More than ever, communicating visually is needed in today’s busy world. Visual facilitation combines listening, change work, and drawing. Together, it’s a set of tools that helps people in groups make connections, communicate clearly, and do their best work together. I know first-hand that visual thinking skills in the workplace can create better meetings, increase engagement, and inform strategic planning.

What I emphasize in this visual facilitation workshop is supporting facilitators (and people who want to facilitate): I design learning opportunities for people to discover knowledge, instead of me delivering it to them. And this way, I’m guaranteed to be learning alongside participants, too.

visual facilitation workshop and graphic facilitation training with sam bradd in Vancouver - neuland kits in the back of the carI don’t emphasize fancy lettering or needing to be a great cartoonist – don’t worry! It’s about creating a foundation of drawing skills, and applying it in a work context. Participants have time for individual work, paired coaching, and teamwork to learn together.
visual facilitation workshop and graphic facilitation training in Vancouver with sam bradd - workshop agendaI’m passionate about teaching. Each new visual facilitation workshop is an opportunity to unlock potential – and I ALWAYS learn from the group, too. That’s the power of the wisdom in the room.

My goals for this 2-day Visual Facilitation workshop:

  • Use a wide range of visual tools: drawing, graphic recording, visual facilitation processes and photos-based tools
  • Identify and design visual tools for their change work – is it tools for better meetings? graphic recording for personal coaching? visual facilitation for strategic planning? visuals for trainings?
  • Have small teams create real-life case studies that they would be able to implement immediately
  • And of course, have fun – because that’s the best way to overcome any “I’m not a good artist” blocks we might have.

visual facilitation workshop and graphic facilitation workshop in greater Vancouver - image of sam bradd planning the agenda on index cards
I had to get hands-on while planning the agenda!

I pored over the Neuland catalogue to curate a starter kit of high-quality, non-toxic markers for each participant. Then, Neuland sent along additional gifts for each learner – what a treat! Everyone also went home with a resource kit to help grow their visual vocabulary, and my favourite online and print tools.

We had a beautiful location in Deer Lake Park, in Burnaby – lots of open windows and green space to spark creativity.

It was a two-day workshop, and the jump in progress from Day 1 to Day 2 was incredible.

Wishing all of the participants continued success in using their new skills. They’re talking about setting up a lunch-and-learn to keep up their skills and update each other, which is fantastic.

This was a custom, in-house training. Stay tuned for a public workshop in early fall 2016. Email me if you want to be notified first, at

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