Visioning and Graphic Recording with Elsie Roy Elementary School

The community at Elsie Roy Elementary school is on a journey together. And part of charting that course is being able to share it with others. So, let’s use graphic facilitation to make their vision visible! This was drawn live during the session.

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Working with the leadership of Principal Jenny Chin and BFO Consulting, we facilitated a half day visioning session that invited teachers, staff, community partners and parents into the room. We explored values and what makes Elsie Roy unique and I used graphic recording to expand their ideas into a cohesive image. With this process, two things happen: graphic facilitation visuals invite new thinking into the session.  And afterwards, the image gets hung up in the hallway so everyone who works at Elsie Roy, students, and the wider community can see the true heart of the school.

Located in the beautiful False Creek neighbourhood, it’s fitting that they’re the ORCAS. Their school code of conduct spells Ownership, Respect, Compassion, Achievement and Safety. I extended the orca metaphor into an ocean image and also starfish – an indicator species for ocean health. The community extends around the school in the top left – like all schools, it’s about relationships much more than it is about one building.

Wishing Elsie Roy continued success as they swim ahead on their journey.


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