New animation – What are Solidarity and Partnership

Non-profit organizations have a long-term vision. Sometimes, that’s hard to translate into a short-term sound bite. To help CoDevelopment Canada tell its story, they asked local digital storyteller Zack Embree and I to make two videos.

Now CoDev has a tool to communicate their international development philosophy. Explaining ‘partnership’ and ‘solidarity’ isn’t always easy.

Tonight the videos screened at CoDev’s annual film festival.

We wanted to help people relate to CoDev. People in Canada are generous with their time and money when they see a problem. We see hunger, we send food. But why is there no food? If we don’t look at the reasons why problems happen, then we’re not going to solve them. That’s where CoDev comes in – looking at the long-term solutions. That’s the partnership model.

CoDev works for a better world. It’s an organization made up of people like you, people who care- who want a healthy environment, good jobs, safe communities. And they see issues in Latin America as the same issues affecting people here in BC. That’s the solidarity part.

The festival is just one example of the work CoDev does:

“We feature over 40 social justice and environmental documentaries that go to the heart of issues confronting communities here and around the world. The focus of the festival is to motivate audiences to action through awareness of issues both local and global.”

Another rewarding part? It’s more than just seeing the final videos. It’s also seeing a room full of people at the film fest who support CoDev.

They too believe another way of thinking about international development is possible.


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