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sam bradd, artist, vancouver, image, letterpress, vancouver letterpress league, letterpressing, chandler and price pressThe Vancouver Letterpress League is growing by leaps and bounds this year. As a co-founder of the VLL, I’m really excited about meeting the new folks and it’s great to be building community around this printing form.

We’re an eclectic group of printers, designers, illustrators and artists who share a love of all things letterpress*.

We met up in January to plan for the year ahead. Here’s a mini update:

– A collaborative, themed letterpress printing project. Without giving too much away … we’ll be making work trios of a letterpress printer + designer + third person. Each trio will get to make a different design and it will all go together into one beautiful package. Should be ready by October if all goes well!

– Happily, we’ll be upgrading our web presence. The vision is for the Vancouver Letterpress League to be a local way for people to find a letterpress printer and resources. We have a Basecamp set up to coordinate the new site.

Join the conversation on FB and stay in touch on our blog for now. Next meetup is February 20th, 6:30pm at Rhizome Cafe. $2 suggested donation per person to cover room rental costs.

*If you also have a printshop in your garage …. you’re definitely welcome. If you work with Photoshop all day you’re welcome too.

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