Live Graphic Recording – Transforming the Dialogue conference

This is graphic recording at a Provincial Health Services Authority-Aboriginal Health conference.  The conference was called Transforming the Dialogue and builds on their online indigenous cultural competency training. I visited concurrent sessions, took visual notes and drew 6-foot images that summarized the workshops.

Two themes emerged while I drew: Transforming the dialogue means working towards a critical hope, and profound change comes with creating the conditions to take risks.

live graphic recording by sam bradd vancouver bc transforming the dialogue conferenceThe online training is facilitated and free for people working in health care: ttp://

live graphic recording vancouver bc taking risks transforming the dialogueI work in real-time and this helps people ‘see’ what they’re talking about. During the event people see connections and notice new patterns, and visual learners can better focus and engage.

After the event, it’s an efficient summary of the event at a glance, and it’s an innovative reminder about what happened.

Graphic recording is effective for workshops, conferences, short presentations, and more.

View more images from Transforming the Dialogue in my graphic recording gallery here.

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