Illustrations for the Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre

Positive transgender health images are hard to find online – so here are new illustrations for the Catherine White Holman Centre. The CWHWC provides low-barrier health and wellness services to people with diverse genders.

I do a lot of work with health authorities and health research organizations – and time and again, the message is clear: effective health care is about prevention and holistic wellness. Care has to be appropriate, preventative, and take into consideration diverse needs.  So it’s always a joy when I get to work with the local Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre, because they do all of these things for transgender health – in an amazing, grassroots way.Raven-illustration-sm

The CWHWC provides low-barrier health and wellness services to people with diverse genders “in a way that’s respectful and celebratory of clients’ identities.” It’s more than just a bedside manner – through their work, populations who are traditionally marginalized can access health services that are specific and appropriate. 

Here are two portraits to advertise their free community kitchen/nutritionist services and new yoga classes. I was experimenting with my tablet using a photo for reference, and I’m really happy with the way these turned out.

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