Your graphics really made this a unique document for the MHCC, and we’re excited to see how it impacts discussions around mental health.

Christopher Canning
Manager, Knowledge Exchange
Mental Health Commission of Canada 


I have worked with Sam Bradd for several years now in a professional capacity and the images he has created are unique and reflect a high level of critical analysis. Sam is able to take complex, even controversial topics and create detailed and meaningful graphic recordings. Recently Sam also worked with me to create images to present my doctoral comprehensive oral examinations and they were superb!

Cheryl Ward
Provincial Lead, Indigenous Cultural Competency Program
Provincial Health Services Authority

Sam was responsive to my individual needs, listened carefully, and his hands-on advice was directly related to what I wanted. The workshop was a true learning experience, and immediately useful to my work.

Susan MacLeod

  Sam’s work is terrific and seeing these images really tells a story of the time we spent together.

Anita Zaenker
Coordinator of Research, Campaigns and Communications
BC Government and Service Employees Union (BCGEU)

  “The result is fantastic! Well done! You nailed it 100%.”

Franck Hiribarne
Business Director
Philosophy UK & Ireland

Sam is brilliant at taking complex subjects and distilling them into graphically powerful and informative images. … He is terrific to work with; he skillfully guided the process of collaboration so that the researchers, research staff and patient representatives were all delighted with the outcome.

Sheila Kerr and Joanna Ye
Arthritis Research Centre of Canada

We wanted our Aboriginal Health workshop to provide educational tools and ensure that the perspectives and needs of the group were reflected…. Sam not only conveys amazing creativity, but his background in educational pedagogy, health and social justice complements his artistic expression. This allows him to capture complex issues in graphic images, vastly increasing the accessibility of knowledge and research for broader audiences. I highly recommend his services.

Lloy Wylie
Research Associate
Centre for Aboriginal Health Research

Thank you Sam for capturing the breadth and depth of a dialogue about making spaces and places in the City of Surrey more welcoming for immigrants and refugees. The illustration is beautiful and is generating more dialogue.

Judy Smith
Program Director, Community Education Program
Simon Fraser University

Thank you so much for the outstanding work you did for us. The graphic images are a true legacy for the day and will go far in helping us to plan and deliver services.

Scott Harrison
Canadian Association of Nurses in AIDS Care

…His graphic recording made it possible for visual thinkers to experience the dialogue in a completely different format. I recommend Sam’s skills for any meeting where you discuss vision, strategy, or structure.

Amy Morris
Policy Researcher, SPCA