Tangerini Farm and a story of Community Supported Agriculture

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Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm is a 67-acre working family farm in Millis, Mass.

Laura, Charlie, Emilio and Charlie Jr. Tangerini needed an illustration that would explain their farm’s activities.

The first thing I learned that for this farm, growing food is just a starting point. The land is part of the Massachusetts Land Conservation Trust (MLCT). When the Tangerinis wanted to buy it, their big-picture vision of a community gathering place is what helped make them the new owners. 

To visualize it all, I drew a parade of their vegetables and flowers harvest, from the first spring greens to the deep winter potatoes. Then, I integrated farm activities including a Community Supported Agriculture program, potlucks for their CSA members, the ice cream shop, veggie/fruit and flower U-pick, farm tours and kids’ camps, donations and more.

And there’s probably a million things more that I couldn’t fit into one drawing. Like early mornings and late nights, for one.

A look into the sketchbook…

Draft illustration of Tangerini Farm activitiesHere is the sketch that I sent Laura in the early days of this project.

The request was for a handmade look. I always love pulling out the ink and paint, and not just the computer.

The draft circulated on the Tangerini farm blog to get feedback from their CSA members, too.

From process to the content, this project was all about collaboration.

From my view of the west coast to MA and beyond, may this year be a prosperous and healthy growing season for everyone.

Thanks Laura!

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