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graphic recording STEM Tanmay Bakshhi keynote sam bradd

DisruptED supports STEM education

If you’re interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in education – there was something at the DisruptED conference for you. Organizers called DisruptED, “a mashing together of technology and education that shed new light on a vibrant, exciting emerging industry.”

Here’s the full program of speakers, and you can download all the images from DisruptED.

DisruptED used graphic recording to showcase new STEM ideas. And here’s my “aha” moment: I heard how STEM is becoming STEAM – where the “A” means Art. Why connect STEM to art? Because it’s a fun way to explain technology and science. Art could mean building a videogame to learn coding, or building models to learn engineering, or writing music based on math equations. I encourage students of all ages to use drawing skills to help them think through STEM problems. Drawing sketchnotes to study, making or reviewing graphic recordings is a perfect way to explain STEM and make it STEAM.

Here’s a sample of the keynotes:

disrupted-sidneyeve-matrix-webMy personal highlights included Sidneyeve Matrix (Queen’s School of Business Exec Ed Program) talking about trends in post secondary, and panelists sharing tools for Indigenous digital empowerment (including UMan’s famous ENGAP program).

graphic recording sam bradd technology and indigenous empowerment Wapaskwa school

Host and “tech evangelist” Marc Saltzman (it took me a moment to recognize his voice from Cineplex!) did a great job, and the UnConference helped all participants have the conversations they were dying to have. An UnConference uses “Open Space Technology” – a very simple way of organizing large numbers of people to have conversations that matter. 


A other few best practices stood out – an all-female panel and young people were on stage to share their perspectives as students, too.


Speaking of young people’s voices – check out this keynote by 13-year old coding genius Tanman Bakshi.


Thanks DisruptED for a fantastic event, and advancing STEM in Manitoba.


sketchnotes on graphic recording visual thinking IFVP 2015 conference

Sketchnotes – asking good questions after a Visual Thinking conference

part of the giant group photo!

I’m home from the annual International Forum of Visual Practitioners conference, this year in Austin Texas. Part IFVP family reunion, part professional development and definitely part fun.

I saw a beautiful theme of ethics weaving through the conference. To me, ethics isn’t about “one way to do things”, or making rules. It’s about reflecting on how we do things, and why, and then individually acting in a good way. It might be what feels right in your gut, or what part of your conscious you’re bringing to the work. We all do our work differently, and I love hearing about the choices different people make.

It makes for great WHY questions. Ask yourself good questions about your work.

kelvy bird- panel presentation

I made a Flipagram to capture the opening IFVP2015 questions, and my sketchnotes are below.

The short version: Ask yourself good questions about your work. Everyone’s doing this differently. Get into the head of a graphic recorder. Look to the future (Joel Garreau). Draw like the world needs you (Dan Roam). 


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