Strathcona Midwifery Collective

This visual identity project is for a new midwifery clinic in Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood.

Strathcona Midwifery Collective visual identity Vancouver branding care change community

For Cora and Martha, midwifery just starts with ‘catching babies’- it’s a life philosophy connecting pregnancy, parenthood, and healthy communities:

“The Strathcona Midwifery Collective is founded on the principles of cooperation, knowledge sharing, and collaboration between our midwives and the families and communities we serve to optimize care…. “

We decided their visual identity needed 3 interchangeable logos. Care is about healthy pregnancies, births, and post-partum care. Community is parenting being positive change for women, families, and communities. Change speaks to how the clinic connects health issues here in Vancouver to health issues everywhere.

Congrats to the opening of the new clinic this spring. Visit them online at

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