Start a Visual Revolution with Your Union Communication

I taught an interactive workshop at the Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM) called Start a Visual Revolution in Your Union.

Your union’s message is important. Every union communication topic can be improved with visuals. Visuals support outreach, education, better meetings, history, reports, members’ rights, notices, transparent processes… And telling our story of a fairer, just world.

This presentation for the Canadian Association of Labour Media’s 2015 conference is an overview of 16 visual techniques your union can use to engage more members. Here are the resources we used. Free to print and share for non-commercial use to start a conversation in your local.  Contact me at with your ideas, I’d love to hear what you’re doing. Your union has an important message. Use visuals to be even more effective.



Bingo handout PDF: CALM Bingo Card black and white

CALM Bingo Card free: visual revolution workshop

best american infographics - prize at CALM 2015
who doesn’t like prizes for a 9am workshop?

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