A free Creative Planning visual template for you

creativity planner visual template

I made this Creativity Planner for my Creative Mornings Vancouver talk and want to share it with you. This free, visual template can help you with creative goal setting.

Because let me guess — you’re fantastic at brainstorming for your clients, friends, and others. But when it’s time for you to focus on your goals, you find yourself alphabetizing your record collection. (I’m speaking from experience.)

It’s a Visual for Goal Setting

If we only stay with words, we’re missing an opportunity.

This visual template can help you see connections between your skills and where you want to go. Fill this in. Call a friend and do it together. Use the power of your support networks to keep you on track.

Use these high quality files:

Links to download a high resolution PDF: letter size

Link to download a high resolution PDF: 11×17 size

CM-online-printable-pg-2How to Use the Creativity Planner:

  • You will need:
  • one package of sticky note ‘flags’ in 5 colours
  • one big sticky note
  • one friend (or two! or more!)
  • a printed copy of this planner for each person (download links above)


Sit down with your friend(s) and plenty of snacks. You can also do this on video chat — the 21st century is amazing! Take time to customize the main character to look like you. For extra power, you can add a cape or jetpack.

Write your creative goal for the year on the big sticky note and place it in the upper right corner of the map.

On each color of flag write something to match the topic areas on the map. Use as many as you need. Once you have a full map, compare with your friends and discuss what you’ve written. Is there an asset you’ve forgotten or a challenge you’ve blown up too large?


Writing down, mapping, and discussing your creative goals will help them feel more achievable.

Now YOU know you can do it.

Let me know how it turns out!

I’d love to hear from you on twitter: @sambradd.


Creative Mornings with Sam Bradd | Photo credit - Aura McCay (auramckay.com)
Creative Mornings with Sam Bradd | Photo credit – Aura McCay (auramckay.com)