World Health Organization Vaccination Stakeholders poster

World Health Organization

Graphic Facilitation for the Global Vaccines and Immunization Initiative

We call it the missing fifth child: globally, one in five children are not vaccinated. To co-create the future of vaccines and immunization strategy, the World Health Organization hosted a forum in Geneva to plan a 10-year strategy.

Packing 10 years into 3 days.

Figuring out strategies to vaccinate people equitably and affordably is complex, challenging work – and the forum’s participants only had 3 days to do it. So how did the event organizers engage stakeholders from diverse countries and perspectives to tease out solutions to one of the most critical health care challenges of our time?

Bridging gaps with graphic facilitation.

From sunup to sundown, Drawing Change was on hand to bring people together through the power of visuals. By distilling complex ideas and encouraging a new way of working together, graphic facilitation helped participants create a multi-faceted plan. Participants left with a tangible artifact to guide their work, and more importantly, with a renewed sense of shared purpose and tools for future collaboration.

Vaccines work – and so does graphic facilitation.

Since 2016, Drawing Change has supported the World Health Organization in places ranging from Geneva to Senegal – on a range of scientific and public health topics. If you need help solving tough problems by bringing complex policy and technical ideas to life, get in touch with us today.

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