Simple, Complicated and Complex Decision-Making – new visual

Decision-Making isn't always straightforward.

Certainty and agreement

Sometimes we try and treat organizations — or worse, people! —  as if they are problems to be solved. We pretend that organizations are “simple” or that there’s one way to solve a big issue like homelessness.And, the further we get from agreement and certainty … the more chaos can also emerge. How can we facilitate through this? Why does some information always seem to be changing?

Visuals for Complexity 

It could be that we need decisions with complex problems – not for simple problems. And the qualities that go along with complex decisions are different. Dr Diane Finegood teamed up with Drawing Change to update this Stacey Matrix visual about simple, complicated and complex decision making, featuring visual embellishments and new colours to highlight the stages.
This updated visual is featured in a Huffington Post article as well.     

Visuals work for complexity – and a way forward

At Drawing Change, we try and match the right facilitation tools for the right decision-making: are we working with something simple, or complex? This framework underpins our facilitation and methodologies. What’s helpful is to acknowledge the complexity of many of the issues that we are working with – from a systems perspective. If you need visuals or facilitation to bring complex perspectives to the surface, get in touch with us today.

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