Doctors of BC: Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation: better group work for enhancing recovery

When someone has surgery, everyone wants the recovery to go well. In 2016, the Specialist Services Committee (Doctors of BC with the Ministry of Health) launched a process to enhance recovery after surgery.

Working lunch to maximize the time

The success of this quality improvement process depended on good relationships and interprofessional collaboration. Since we had overcome the first obstacle of gathering the right people in the room, we absolutely had to maximize our time together. We had less than one hour to articulate a vision for post-surgical care, with about 80 people.

Keeping people engaged with graphic facilitation

To make the most of our time together, the facilitation team and Drawing Change refined the facilitation questions ahead of time, and we pre-illustrated oversized templates for group work. We distributed them to groups, who could immediately see the sequence and logic to the problem they needed to solve. We also pre-illustrated a hand-drawn, matching template for graphic facilitation for the front of the room. Then, Sam facilitated and harvested a high-level summary during a painless, organized report out by the whole group.

Choose the right process for your meeting

Messier than a graphic recording, yet instrumental to the process, graphic facilitation was the foundation for our collaboration. Graphic facilitation increased buy-in and gave the core leadership direction for next steps. If you’re trying to build something new and create connections between people – then choose facilitation tools that are highly participatory, transparent, and build trust. Graphic facilitation can help support this success.

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