Community Action Team (CAT) Knowledge Exchange Opioid Crisis Resources graphic recording from BCPSQC sam bradd
Community Action Team (CAT) Knowledge Exchange Opioid Crisis Resources graphic recording
live graphic recording from the BC Patient Safety QUality and CAT peer group Overdose Prevention Opioid crisis workshop with Drawing Change

BCPSQC: Community Action Teams and the Opioid Crisis

Community Action Teams: Accelerating local action to address the overdose crisis

The Community Action Teams Knowledge Exchange about the opioid crisis was a virtual space to amplify the leadership of peers. Recognizing the lived experience of peers is crucial!

The Community Action Team (CAT) Knowledge Exchange (from 2020 – 2022) “aims to accelerate local action being taken to address the overdose crisis through increased connection among and between CATs. This is a virtual space for learning and networking to bring diverse voices together and amplify the leadership of peers.”

Here’s some great resources from this series put together from the team at the BC Patient Safety Quality Council.

These events always emphasize self care and safety. People are invited to check in with cultural supports and peer supports during the event in a separate Zoom room, and there are many important harm reduction strategies throughout.

Handout: Self-Care and Safety for Online Events

Here are highlights from the series with four graphic recordings. The first two images is a summary of the different facilitation tools we tried, based on Liberating Structures.

Activities for Transforming Teams & Igniting Change (ATTIC)
Liberating Structures Website and  Liberating Structures App

The second graphic recording highlights the panel on meaningful peer engagement featuring Guy Felicella (moderator), Heather Spence, Eric Thomson, Jenny McDougall and Kerry Watters (panelists). You can watch the entire panel here: and each part of the session is in a different small video so it’s easy to watch.

The third and fourth graphic recordings from 2022 highlight International Overdose Awareness Day and the role of how CATs can support peer leadership.

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