graphic recording of cultural roundtable

BC Cultural Roundtable: Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation: high engagement in a big room

Creating space for meaningful dialogue

In 2016, 150 arts, culture, and heritage workers gathered for the BC Cultural Roundtable to discuss leadership, transition and legacy in the arts. In a big conference room, Drawing Change facilitated a session where we could hear from all voices, especially youth and marginalized voices.

Graphic facilitation invites creativity for the room

Graphic facilitation enabled us to host a highly participatory arts-based session. In groups of 6, people engaged in three rounds of conversations, and then at the end Sam drew out ideas from the group , while creating a visual record of the session. All meetings benefit from more creativity – and deserve a legacy that truly reflects high quality ideas.

See your best ideas emerge – in front of you

Graphic facilitation is an opportunity for co-creation. It values process over product. It honors the ideas, which are more of a focus than elaborate drawings. That day, it was opportunity for a diverse sector to harness the wisdom of the group to create meaningful change. The next time you’re hosting a focus group, a World Cafe, a patient journey mapping process, or having a collaborative dialogue – ask us how visuals can make it even more meaningful.

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