Avenues of Change Strategic Planning

Avenues of Change was an unprecedented 5-year investment in neighbourhoods where young kids are struggling the most. Different agencies, funders, and non-profits came together with a compelling vision: kids deserve to start school ready to learn.

Two days to plan for a new future

Avenues of Change creates better futures for kids and their neighbourhoods. It’s vibrant work that shows that place-based transformations work. We knew a strategic planning report or spreadsheet wouldn’t engage hearts and minds of partners and families. With the project concluding, how could the project partners use a 2-day retreat to transition the work into its next phase?

Visuals get everyone on the same page

For two days, Drawing Change used graphic recording to get people onto the same page using the power of visuals. By aligning the visual work closely to the strategic planning agenda, graphic recording helped participants discover their strengths, dream what’s possible, and design a new plan together.

Visualize a compelling story – and the practical steps

Drawing Change knows graphic recording can tell a compelling story and be a useful planning tool. Since 2008, Drawing Change has used our facilitation and drawing expertise to illustrate for coalitions, strategic planning, and for meetings with diverse perspectives. If you need visuals that amplify and integrate with your planning processes, reach out to us today.

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