Our new book: comics about working class histories

GHC-Book-Announcement-2015Announcing our book! How often do you get to say that?!

I’m jumping up and down about this new comic book about working class histories.

Drawn to Change: graphic histories about working-class struggles is a book of comics edited by the Graphic History Collective. It will come out in 2016.

“The book is an anthology of comics on Canadian labour history produced for the Graphic History Project and will be published in 2016 with Between the Lines Press. The GHC, along with historian Paul Buhle, will edit the anthology which will feature the amazing work of Graphic History Project contributors Althea Balmes, Sam Bradd, Nicole Marie Burton, Sean Carleton, Robin Folvik, Ethan Heitner, Orion Keresztesi, David Lester, Doug Nesbitt, Kara Sievewright, Jo SiMalaya Alcampo, Julia Smith, and Tania Willard.”

The GHC is a collective of writers, labour researchers, academics, and artists. We’re passionate about telling the kind of histories that you don’t read in the newspaper or history textbooks. Histories about social justice and working-class people that acknowledge Canada’s settler colonialism, along with intersections of racism, gender, and class.

We use comics to do our work- comics with footnotes instead of superheroes. Our comics are knowledge translation: a way of presenting historical information about issues that remain important today.

Big thanks to Between the Lines Press for all of their ongoing support.

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