New book: World of Visual Facilitation and IFVP 2019 highlights

At this year’s IFVP International Forum of Visual Practitioners conference, a new book was launched! The World of Visual Facilitation shares new approaches and stories from 50 visual facilitators all around the world.

New Book: World of Visual Facilitation

I’m pleased to have two chapters in the new book, the World of Visual Facilitation. It’s a GIANT BOOK. It is full of amazing case studies and colour photos. There are 50 co-authors and 3 fearless editors (Rachel Smith, Tim Hamons and Jeroen Blijsie). 

My first chapter is about integrating visuals at large events: how can we integrate visuals to help with reflection and learning, increasing engagement, and distribute information in a useful way?

The second chapter is about integrating photography in meetings (especially when you don’t want to draw!)

Pre-orders are available now at



Read on for a recap of the IFVP’s 2019 conference ….

I feel this world really needs graphic recording, it needs graphic facilitation and it needs all of us. With the tools in the hands as democratically and as broadly as possible, that’s what’s going to help us all succeed. And this global gathering, with visual practitioners from 20 countries, is a great direction. 

Validation that there’s many ways to work visually


New facilitation training and tools

I took the MG Taylor facilitation training with Rob Evans, and came home with a head full of ideas and 50 pounds of the new books!

  1. In the pre-conference workshop, we decided the “third facilitator” in the room was the visuals / posters/ graphic recordings (credit to janine underhill). Knowing that, what can we do to elevate the visuals? How can we introduce them, view them, make them cohesive?
  2. Here’s another MG Taylor facilitation gem for doing introductions with meaning:

3) Anthony Weeks integrates his 20 years’ of graphic recording experience to help us move beyond “no more group report outs as usual”. Try “One BiG Thing, Once upon a time, or the Pitch.” This article is a GEM.



I made a fun “bingo” game for us in our registration packages. Feel free to take this and run with it for your next event! Squares included:

🖍Setting a new creative goal
🖍New lettering trick
🖍Skipping an activity for self care (my favourite one!)

The main reason I go to IFVP? It’s the relationships. Always. Whether you’re building a creative business or a practice or an organization or a movement, it’s about relationships. The kind that are grounded in values and empathy, trusted through tough times and good, where it’s okay to be real, where we tell the truth, and we want others to see all of the awesome we know YOU are capable of.

Want to hear more about what the conference felt like?

Business Panel Keynote

image by raquel benmergui
It was a pleasure to join my colleagues on the business panel and talk about our values, different models and the ways we built our practices.
One of the questions was “what’s a time you failed?” and …. well, I got to go down memory lane to the time I showed up to the other Chan Theatre in Vancouver. It was a good thing that I was fully two hours early, so I was still on time when I made it to the right one!
My wise co-panelists spoke of many themes, especially working with diversity, equity and inclusion. Also, remember that you’re offering something of value, so be proud of what you’re doing as a creative person. Tell people what you want to be known for. Show your work – and remember it’s not just the product that you’re known for…it’s your reputation, so be proud of it. Be known for integrity, showing up wholeheartedly, and deeply knowing the topic.

Neuland Ambassadors demonstrations

Three of Neuland’s ambassadors gave demonstrations of some of the new products – and I got to showcase the new chalk markers and individual-sized chalk boards. Everyone went home with beautiful gifts, thank you Neuland for the generosity!

I especially use my chalk markers in my office to make a giant to-do Kanban board, and on worksites to create “a garden of ideas” on glass walls instead of a parking lot. Love this concept of transforming a “parking lot” into a garden of ideas by Joy Koenig.


Membership in has benefits

I know the 12,000 member Graphic Facilitation facebook group is great … but even better is having a vibrant, professional association to network with, and advance the field. IFVP Membership benefits include access to the business barometer survey, job opportunities, networking events, and online webinar resources. Big thanks to the board for stewarding this work, including the new IFVP non-profit Institute.

See you for California 2020!

Next year, we’re headed to the west coast (love it) – hope to see you there.


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