Drawn Together Through Visual practice- a new anthology by Sam Bradd Brandy Agerbeck Kelvy Bird and Jennifer ShepherdAnnouncing a New Book about Visual Practice

By Brandy Agerbeck, Kelvy Bird, Sam Bradd and Jennifer Shepherd

Our new book is available!

Imagine your ideas drawn — incorporating energy, colour, space, line, scale, icons, figures, metaphors. This is the territory of visual practice, which makes the fleeting and ephemeral nature of spoken conversation concrete.

This anthology connects ideas and practitioners at a moment when our practice is dramatically expanding.


Leaders in facilitation, conflict mediation, education – and all other areas using visual processes to establish common ground – will find an unparalleled wisdom of experience in these pages.

As editors, we wanted to invite diverse chapters:  storylistening, sketchnoting, sensemaking through dance and kinesthetics, exploring the unique facilitator-graphic recorder relationship. You’ll also find chapters on using visuals for conflict resolution and cultural humility.


Visual practitioners make marks that allow people to see their thinking through new lenses. They help people speak up and listen, think critically, find themes, chart relationships, reach understanding, and take action. We are thrilled to bring this collection into the world, and looking forward to hearing what you think.

Drawn Together Through Visual Practice editors